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Your role in an early stage junior mining company is to focus on exciting exploration and development plans. You know that investor relations are just as important as geology – but your area of expertise lies in mining, not marketing.

At Establishment, we know the Canadian junior mining sector well, but our expertise is in marketing and digital investor relations. Specifically, we coordinate advertising, investor relations and other digital marketing activities to target the most promising investors, using the most advanced tools to reach them.

We combine digital proficiency with a deep-rooted knowledge of the Canadian mining investment landscape to provide a bespoke, high-quality service. Our clients can concentrate on exploration and mining with the confidence that our strategies will expose their company’s investment opportunities to the financial community.

Investor Relations in Toronto & Vancouver - Advertising Agency & Digital Marketing

A bit like metals and minerals prospecting, digital marketing has become a highly technical field – even if most outsiders think it all comes down to luck!

  Based on this misconception, too many junior companies rely on outdated methods for their marketing and investor relations, resulting in money wasted and investment opportunities lost. At Establishment, we believe great mining projects should have the financial backing they need – and that means top-class digital investor relations.

As a digital marketing agency based in Toronto and Vancouver, we have Canada’s mining investment hotspots covered. We know the investor landscape, and we understand how investors and financial institutions think and research online. We combine this knowledge with the latest digital tools and methods available to ensure smooth stakeholder communications and prolific engagement with the financial sector.

Your Digital Investor Relations

As a leading digital advertising agency in Vancouver and Toronto specializing in the mining sector, our team will rapidly get your investor relations on track. With little to no disruption to your busy boardroom, we see to it that you have coverage in the right places. We will establish a strong and reassuring web presence that highlights the investment opportunities available through your company; and we will make introductions to the noteworthy individuals and institutions in Canadian mining to cultivate promising relationships.

  We understand the unique global market for online search queries related to investing in junior mining stocks, and we have proven that we can generate qualified leads through cost-effective solutions.

Let us run your digital campaigns while you concentrate on mining and exploration. Whether you need to work on your digital investor relations in Toronto or your digital advertising in Vancouver – or simply want an online presence that befits your prospects – we have it covered. Watch as investors flow in, your company growth accelerates and everyone benefits from the strategic digital marketing initiatives we deploy.

We expand your IR team's reach, through exceptional investor marketing online

We specialize in generating quality investor leads through online traffic acquisition.

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