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Today, competition for investment dollars in your junior mining company is fierce. Without digital marketing and a strong, search engine-friendly website, your chances of getting the capitalization you need may be incredibly low.

Here’s the good news: EST.Digital helps increase those chances with effective mining web design.

How Does Mining Web Design Help?

Our web design services help mining firms like yours in three ways:

1. Key company and project details
One of our primary goals is to get the most relevant and persuasive information to potential investors. With that objective in mind, our web design team gathers and positions those details throughout your site in a clear, compelling way that excites investors.
2. Visitor experience
Another goal is to make your website easy to navigate. We focus on navigation menu options, internal linking, calls-to-action, and other components so future shareholders can interact with your site easily and enjoyably.
3. Search engine optimization
The most important goal is to help improve your site’s search engine ranking, consequently increasing your brand exposure. We leverage proven SEO tactics using targeted search terms on each page to get Google and other search engines to index and rank your site pages for relevant keywords. Furthermore, we conduct a website audit on existing sites to determine where you may be missing opportunities to rank higher.

There are thousands of active investors who may be excited to invest in junior mining stocks. They search using relevant terms, but often find it hard to come across the websites they need to see. As a result, those investors could be missing out on promising shareholder opportunities like those offered by your junior mining company. Mining web design from EST.Digital helps put you in front of these key prospects.

Don’t go another day with an underperforming website that doesn’t get potential investors excited about your mining company. Add EST.Digital to your investor marketing practices and see your website rise through the ranks!

We expand your reach, building strong junior mining Investor Relations through exceptional Investor Marketing.

We specialize in generating quality investor leads through online traffic acquisition.

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