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Ask yourself this question: how much time does our junior mining firm commit to finding investors?

For most, the answer is “too much”. These days, natural resource exploration moves at a breakneck pace. And, time spent away from developing projects is time spent losing money. It’s therefore imperative that you find more efficient – and effective – ways to reach potential shareholders.

Old-school investors marketing tactics won’t reach a broad enough pool to capitalize effectively in today’s highly competitive investment environment. Why? Because technology has changed the investment marketing game for junior mining companies.

Although one-on-ones, investor lunches, and industry events still produce results, digital marketing is the new frontier. Now is the time to shift your investors marketing budget to digital.

It’s time for EST.Digital.

Why EST.Digital?

Most retail investors have day jobs. They can’t spend too much time exploring hard-to-find opportunities, but it takes precision to find the speculative investors you need to fund your projects.

We understand junior mining investors, and we know digital marketing. So, we take an integrated marketing approach that combines website optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.

EST.Digital puts your Canadian mining company in front of active investors when they search, when they do research, and when they’re ready to invest. We get your story out to prospects who may not have the time to attend industry events or investor meetings.

Reduce Investor Marketing Costs

Traditional investor recruitment practices can cost thousands per acquisition, but investors marketing with EST.Digital lowers that cost to hundreds per acquisition or even less.

When you compare travel and hospitality costs, event expenses, and other recruitment costs related to investor relations, you’ll find that investors marketing makes sense. Our services help you shift your valuable time and resources to project development.

Our Marketing Services

Investor marketing services from EST.Digital cover the most critical touchpoints that investors use to evaluate an investment opportunity and include:

  • Web design/development. Our website experts build your site so future shareholders have a great experience exploring your company’s story.
  • Search engine optimization. Using Google Analytics and other SEO tools, we help improve your website’s visibility across the major search engines.
  • Search engine marketing. We target keywords that potential investors use to get your message on the right search engine results pages.
  • Social media campaigns. Our social media wizards get investors interested by sending them to your website, press release, or other landing page.
  • Pay-per-click advertising. We create compelling PPC ads using commonly used search phrases and strategically place them where they can make an impression.

To navigate today’s competitive landscape, you need to introduce your junior mining company to millions of investors. EST.Digital helps you achieve that goal.

We expand your reach, building strong junior mining Investor Relations through exceptional Investor Marketing.

We specialize in generating quality investor leads through online traffic acquisition.

Ready to tell your story online?

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