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Internet marketing has been around for decades. Still, many junior mining companies have yet to adopt internet marketing as a means to recruit investors. Fortunately, there is a Vancouver internet marketing agency that helps you get ahead of your competitors for investment dollars: EST.Digital.

Why Internet Marketing?

Traditional investor marketing doesn’t provide direct contact with a broad enough pool of potential shareholders. But internet marketing, otherwise known as digital marketing, offers you a higher level of engagement and interaction over multiple channels with investors across the globe.

In reality, investor relations is a time sink. And, most junior mining companies are experts in geology, not marketing. Valuable time is therefore spent conducting typical investor recruitment activities. But what if you could connect with interested investors without spending all that time? With EST.Digital, you can.

There are thousands of ready investors looking to get into junior mining stocks. They search with relevant keywords every day, but find it hard to come across key information linking them to promising stocks like yours. Internet marketing from EST.Digital puts your company in front of these key prospects.

Digital Marketing Finds Investors

The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada learned that industry financing has weakened considerably despite rising exploration activity – stalling any investment rebound established earlier. This fuels the need to find investors through digital marketing activities. EST.Digital solves that need with Vancouver online marketing which finds investors where they are looking for opportunities.

So, why does a digital marketing company in Vancouver make sense? Because the city is a hub for mining investment events such as the Vancouver Investment Resource Conference – which hosts thousands of mining stakeholders each year. We are strategically located in Vancouver (and in Toronto!) to be front-and-center with your target audience.

Digital Marketing in Vancouver and Beyond

Our successes don’t end in Canada, however. We can attract shareholders from all over the world with multiple digital marketing services. We help you uncover and engage with potential shareholders by offering the following effective services.

  • Web design and development. We build or update your website for an optimal visitor experience and plenty of key information.
  • Search engine optimization. We use the best SEO tools to improve your site’s visibility on Google and other major search engines.
  • Search engine marketing. We go further by getting your story where investors are searching, focusing on the keywords they use to explore opportunities.
  • Social media marketing. We target investors on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites with engaging messages to get them excited about your junior mining company.
  • Pay-per-click advertising. We provide PPC ads on our own network of junior mining publications as well as trusted industry resources.
  • Analytics & tracking. We measure everything and keep track of your investor marketing campaigns.

Don’t suffer with undercapitalization! In this era of digitally-connected investors, let our experts help find the shareholders you need with digital marketing from EST.Digital.

We expand your reach, building strong junior mining Investor Relations through exceptional Investor Marketing.

We specialize in generating quality investor leads through online traffic acquisition.

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